Ego VS Soul – which one leads the way for you?

Knowing the difference between our soul talk and our ego talk can be the vital missing ingredient to living a more intuitive, fulfilling life. If you want to find life purpose and live a full and healthy inner life, it is essential to bring your ego-mind into relationship with your soul-self.

The ego/personality has absolutely no interest in higher consciousness and this disinterest prevents the soul from using it as its instrument to influence change. It is common for our sense of who we are, and our sense of life purpose, to be clouded by the natural tension between the soul-self and the ego-mind. In our early life, our ego-mind rules. However, in our middle years, if we allow the natural, healthy cycles of growth and development to occur, the ego has to give way to the supremacy of the soul-self, which is our authentic self. We need to find a way to bring our ego and soul-self into harmonious relationship.


It is quite simple to spot your ego. Your ego is the image you have of yourself, it’s the way you define yourself. The ego is the mask you show to the world. It is whatever comes after the word “I.” It is all your titles and roles, such as teacher, girlfriend, friend, daughter, vegan, student, etc.

The ego hides in the last place you will ever look: within itself. Disguised as thoughts or feelings, your ego tricks you. When you believe you are your ego, you’ll do anything to keep that illusion alive. When you desire to be perceived as the smartest boss, the best beloved mom, the best negotiator, the kindest woman, the funniest guy, the most creative writer -fill in the blanks - you allow your ego to take over. You self-identify with a single aspect of yourself  and preserving that perfect image becomes a lifelong mission.

The thoughts and inner dialogue that come from your ego are the ones that you can’t stop thinking over and over, that keep circling in your mind, that you obsess over. Your ego thoughts are consumed by your emotions, more often negative emotions such as jealousy, disappointment, anger, and hurt. Your ego focuses on your fears, your doubts, your anxieties. Your ego will often go to the worst case scenario, rather than consider all options. According to your ego, your self-worth is dependent on external circumstances such as whether you are dating someone or married, whether you own property or materialistic things, whether you have a good job or not, how popular you are. Your ego focuses on those things and drives your soul crazy. Your ego is what drives you to seek validation from other people and from society. Your ego is easily bruised, it gets upset when things don’t go your way, when people disappoint you, and when people do things to offend you.

The following are examples of ego thoughts: “Why me? I’m not smart enough. I’m not good enough, I’m not beautiful, I can’t do this. I don’t have what it takes. I messed up. I’m an embarrassment. I am awkward. My life doesn’t mean anything.”

None of these thoughts are truly who we are. Who you truly are innately is your soul.


Our inner being, our spirit, our soul, is infinite. It is wise beyond the spectrum of our own lifetime. In order to be more in touch with our soul, we have to make our own decisions in life. Practicing making our own decisions allows us to re-connect with ourselves. It lets us establish a stronger connection to our infinitely wise soul. If we don’t use this connection, we are missing out on making choices and decisions that could improve our life immensely. Receiving messages from your soul can help you better solve problems in life. It can clarify what you really want, it can help making decisions easier. It can even point you in the right direction when you feel lost.

Your soul is your spirit, your essence, your true self. It is who you are behind the titles, beneath the roles, the expectations and the masks. Your physical body was born as your soul and you will forever be your soul. Your soul is something that is never really born nor dies.

Establishing this connection with yourself is easier than you think. One of the things you can start with is make time for yourself to do absolutely nothing. In this time where you do absolutely nothing, you have to be alone. You have to turn off all distractions – no phones, no computers, nothing. The best time to do this is after finishing everything you need to do for the day, so that you don’t have a bunch of urgent things running through your mind, OR right before starting your day and starting all your tasks, if you can quiet your mind.

Here’s how to understand who you really are, how to distinguish messages from your soul:

A gut feeling, an intuition, or an inner voice that exhibits zero judgment comes from your soul. When your soul is in charge, you love and accept yourself deeply and completely. Your passions, your burning desires and your goals come from your soul – but you don’t depend on those goals to define who you are or to determine your sense of self-worth. You’re okay with or without those goals. When your soul is in charge, you tend to forgive very easily and become very accepting of others as they are. You don’t get disappointed with other people for being who they are. Desires and ideas that come solely from you are coming from your soul thoughts, instead of from external influences like the media, expectations of others, or society.

You will only understand your true, fulfilling purpose in life once you become aware of your ego, overcome it and live a soulful existence.
When the ego is not illumined by the light of the soul, it can be very unhappy. It is so cunning in its deception that we only see and value the material world of forms. It refutes the sublime and higher aspects of self in favor of the lower self that is always grasping for things, people and experiences. Such things are merely a substitute for the soul and in no way leads to inner fulfillment. When enough people choose the inner life of the soul then this demonstration will become the antidote to the toxic consumerist materialism that has poisoned so many people’s lives and led them astray in recent years.

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